Hello, and welcome to my blog!  I’m Tom Pokénutter.  As my username would suggest, I’m a huge fan of Pokémon.  The purpose of this blog is to look back at as many products from the history of Pokémon as possible, and review them.  I’ll be reviewing games, anime episodes, manga, the trading card game, movies, and even the official soundtracks here.

Even though I have a lot of material at my fingertips, I’m not aware of all that’s ever been, and as such, may require help.  I will take requests for reviews, but make sure that I haven’t already done them, or accepted them.  Your request, should I accept it, could take a while to get to- I plan on starting with the First Generation, and moving forward.  Comment here, and I’ll get back to you.

Any questions that aren’t addressed here, please ask below, and I’ll answer, assuming I haven’t for someone else already.

Thank you!


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