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Pokédex for iOS Review

Attention, Internet!  Turns out I’m not dead!

My apologies for the wait.  November was filled with all kinds of wonderful distractions like Sandy, the election, post-election anger and disbelief, Thanksgiving, Twilight Princess, and the like.  And I’m sorry to announce that the next EToP review will take a bit longer to write.  However, I guarantee that it will be up by Christmas, and will be double-length.  That is to say, the remaining four chapters.  In addition, it will be up for Christmas.  After that, since I managed to miss the anime wraparound on the website, I’ll be looking at the TCG, and will be evaluating the Base Set through Gym Challenge, so look forward to that.

In the meantime, to state any thirst you have for reviews, please enjoy my review of Pokédex for iOS, as originally posted on iTunes and deviantART, and edited a small bit for accuracy.


I love you TPCi, but…

Okay, where to begin?  Why not last year, around the time you started slapping Pokédroid and its ilk with cease and desist letters?  I had a nice free knockoff Pokédex app sitting on my phone at the time, and was sad to see its updates end, but I kept it around because the only official Pokédex was on the 3DS.

Now, here we are a year later, and I don’t see any reason to delete my free app.

Let’s start with the obvious.  3DS users?  How much did the app cost you to fully unlock?  A friend of mine tells me it’s $15 for the full thing, and it comes unlocked.  In order to unlock this the whole way, you need to pay $26.  A new Pokémon game (that actually features gameplay!) costs $35.  You pay $2 for the app, but by you only have access to the Unova Pokémon by default.  If you want to add other regions, you pay $6 for what boils down to pictures.

Allow me to reiterate that my knockoff was a free national Dex.  Yes, it used Sugimori artwork rather than CGI models, but it didn’t cost a dime.

But now that the major gripe’s out there front and center, let’s discuss content.

We get a Pokédex, a Move Dex, a store, and settings.  The Pokédex is nice-looking, but has a number of problems.  For instance, base stats are not represented by numbers, but by bars of varying length.  This can be confusing for competitive battlers who use numbers to determine the worth of a Pokémon.  The abilities are not listed as a separate list, which would help, given that most Pokémon do not have unique abilities.  For example, how many legendaries have Pressure again?  Type match ups are given as their own page, and are delivered via bars- again, numbers would have been a far better option.  Pokédex entries are only from Generation V- older generation entries would have been much, much more appreciated, even if most of B2W2’s entries were taken from Platinum.

On the other hand, we’re given some very, very nice CGI models of Pokémon on their image pages.  We’re given all the alternate forms and formes of all the Pokémon that have them.  It has most of the same information my knockoff Pokédex has with a nicer presentation.  Of particular interest is the size comparison feature- a pity that it only shows a size comparison with Pikachu.

Overall, this app is a disappointment.  We’re finally given an official iOS app, and it’s a cash grab.  We’re paying more for the same content 3DS owners got for a cheaper price, the app seems to be in love with bars that tell next to nothing about stats or type advantages, and actual information about the Pokémon is minimal.  This app has a long way to go before it’s remotely as good as the knockoff I still cling to.  Furthermore, as the app currently is, I cannot in good conscience pay any more than $2 for it.  However- if the price of the other regions decreases, Generation VI is a free upgrade, and we get numbers with our bars…  Well, then I may consider buying them all.


So, there you have it.  There’s a small review to whet your appetite for the next review.  It’s going to be a big one.


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